Book Information

Cross-train your brain : a mental fitness program for maximizing creativity and achieving success

by Stephen D Eiffert
Year: 1999
Publisher: AMACOM
Keywords: Creative ability, Creative thinking, SCIENCE Cognitive Science, PSYCHOLOGY Cognitive Psychology, Creativiteit, Zelfvertrouwen, Succes
Language: English
ISBN: 9780585040264, 0585040265, 0814479944
OCLC: 42854667
Contents: Ch. 1. We are all born creative but lose our creative drive over our lifetimes -- Ch. 2. We all suffer from environmental limitations placed on our creativity -- Ch. 3. The life you lead is the life you create. We experience our expectations -- Ch. 4. We function best when approaching life with our whole brains -- Ch. 5. Conditions are not emotions. How you feel about an event is not the event -- Ch. 6. We don't all learn the same way -- Ch. 7. Our minds gather and retain information in a variety of ways -- Ch. 8. Complex movement stimulates complex thinking -- Ch. 9. Relaxation fosters control -- Ch. 10. Multiple answers always exist -- Ch. 11. Success is moderation in all things -- Ch. 12. Cross-training is important to the new workplace.