Book Information

The copyright book : a practical guide

by William S Strong
Year: 1999
Publisher: MIT Press
Keywords: Copyright United States, Droit d'auteur EĢtats-Unis, LAW Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice, Copyright, Auteursrecht, United States, Verenigde Staten
Language: English
ISBN: 0585088470, 9780585088471, 0262194198
OCLC: 42856273
Edition: 5th ed
Contents: The Subject Matter of Copyright -- Ownership -- Transfers and Licenses of Copyright -- Copyright Notice -- Registration of a Copyright Claim -- Rights in Copyrighted Works -- The Compulsory Licenses -- Infringement and Fair Use -- Works Created Before 1978 -- Tax Treatment of Copyrights -- International Copyright Protection -- Copyright and the Information Society: A Few Parting Thoughts -- Methods of Affixation and Positions of the Copyright Notice on Various Types of Works -- Form TX -- "Best Edition" of Published Copyrighted Works for the Collections of the Library of Congress -- Registration of Computer Programs and Databases -- Warnings of Copyright for Use By Certain Libraries and Archives -- Copyright Fees -- Digest of Confu Draft on Fair Use Guidelines -- Notice of Intent to Enforce a Copyright Restored Under the Uruguay Round Agreements Act.

Summary: "As copyright issues grow more complicated, this guide to U.S. copyright law becomes ever more indispensable. The fifth edition has been updated to include recent judicial and legislative decisions concerning copyright and the debates surrounding publication on the Web and other new media. What continues to distinguish the book are the author's common sense and his ability to express complex issues and judicial decisions in language that the lay reader can understand and even enjoy."--Jacket.