Book Information

Embodied conversational agents

by Justine Cassell
Year: 2000
Publisher: MIT Press
Keywords: Intelligent agents (Computer software), Human-computer interaction, COMPUTERS Enterprise Applications Business Intelligence Tools, COMPUTERS Intelligence (AI) & Semantics
Language: English
ISBN: 9780262270038, 0585240221, 0262032783, 026227003X, 9780585240220
OCLC: 44957381
Contents: I. Introduction -- 1. Nudge Nudge Wink Wink: Elements of Face-to-Face Conversation for Embodied Conversation Agents / Justine Cassell -- II. Systems -- 2. Human Conversation as a System Framework: Designing Embodied Conversational Agents / Justine Cassell, Tim Bickmore and Lee Campbell / [and others] -- 3. "May I Help You?": Designing Embodied Conversational Agent Allies / Elizabeth F. Churchill, Linda Cook and Peter Hodgson / [and others] -- 4. Task-Oriented Collaboration with Embodied Agents in Virtual Worlds / Jeff Rickel and W. Lewis Johnson -- 5. Deictic and Emotive Communication in Animated Pedagogical Agents / James C. Lester, Stuart G. Towns and Charles B. Callaway / [and others] -- 6. Performative Facial Expressions in Animated Faces / Isabella Poggi and Catherine Pelachaud -- 7. Emotion and Personality in a Conversational Agent / Gene Ball and Jack Breese -- 8. The Automated Design of Believable Dialogues for Animated Presentation Teams / Elisabeth Andre, Thomas Rist and Susanne van Mulken / [and others] -- 9. Parameterized Action Representation for Virtual Human Agents / Norman I. Badler, Rama Bindiganavale and Jan Allbeck / [and others] -- III. Evaluation -- 10. Developing and Evaluating Conversational Agents / Dominic W. Massaro, Michael M. Cohen and Jonas Beskow / [and others] -- 11. Designing and Evaluating Conversational Interfaces with Animated Characters / Sharon Oviatt and Bridget Adams -- 12. Measurement and Evaluation of Embodied Conversational Agents / Greogry A. Sanders and Jean Scholtz -- 13. Truth Is Beauty: Researching Embodied Conversational Agents / Clifford Nass, Katherine Isbister and Eun-Ju Lee.