Book Information

Paradise for sale : a parable of nature

by Carl N McDaniel, John M Gowdy
Year: 2000
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: Sustainable development Nauru, Environmental economics Nauru, NATURE Natural Resources, BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Environmental Economics, BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Green Business, NATURE Environmental Conservation & Protection, Environmental economics, Sustainable development, Economische ontwikkeling, Milieuaantasting, Nauru
Language: English
ISBN: 0520924452, 0585274347, 9780585274348, 9780520924451, 0520222296
OCLC: 45731043
Contents: Ch. 1. A Pleasant Island -- Ch. 2. Progress Comes to Nauru -- Ch. 3. Nauru's Shadow -- Ch. 4. Living the Myths -- Ch. 5. Science as Story -- Ch. 6. To Love a Cockroach -- Ch. 7. The Market: Master or Servant? -- Ch. 8. The Chimera of Reality.

Summary: The grim history of Nauru Island, a small speck in the Pacific Ocean halfway between Hawaii and Australia, represents a larger story of environmental degradation and economic dysfunction. For more than 2,000 years traditional Nauruans, isolated from the rest of the world, lived in social and ecological stability.