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When is transition over?

by Annette N Brown, Western Michigan University., W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.
Year: 1999
Publisher: W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
Keywords: Post-communism Europe, Eastern Congresses, Capitalism Europe, Eastern Congresses, Post-communism Economic aspects Europe, Eastern Congresses, Mixed economy China Congresses, Économie de marché Europe de l'Est Congrès, Postcommunisme Aspect économique Europe de l'Est Congrès, Économie mixte Chine Congrès, Postcommunisme Europe de l'Est Congrès, BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Free Enterprise, Capitalism, Economic history, Economic policy, Mixed economy, Politics and government, Post-communism, Post-communism Economic aspects, Economische hervormingen, Economische situatie, Wirtschaftssystem, Aufsatzsammlung, China Economic conditions 1976-2000 Congresses, China Economic policy 1976-2000 Congresses, China Politics and government 1976- Congresses, Chine Conditions économiques 1976-2000 Congrès, Chine Politique économique 1976- Congrès, Chine Politique et gouvernement 1976- Congrès, China, Eastern Europe, Osteuropa, Conference papers and proceedings, Congressen (vorm), Since 1976
Language: English
ISBN: 0585282978, 0880991968, 9780585282978
OCLC: 45731362
Contents: What is still missing? / by Marie Lavigne -- The end of transition? / by Alan Gelb -- The end of rent-seeking: the end of postcommunist transformation / by Anders Aslund -- China's unfinished economic transition / by Nicholas R. Lardy -- The transition is not over, but note the merits of the Central European model / by Jan Svejnar -- Reforming the welfare state in postsocialist economies / by Janos Kornai.