Book Information

Caring for people in pain

by Bryn D Davis
Year: 2000
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: Pain Nursing, Pain Treatment, Pain psychology, Pain Management, HEALTH & FITNESS Pain Management, MEDICAL Pain Medicine
Language: English
ISBN: 9780203173992, 0203173996, 9780415188913, 9780203159385, 9780415188906, 9780203022634, 0415188903, 0415188911, 0203159381, 0203022637
OCLC: 48138253
Contents: pt. 1. Introduction: what is pain? Introduction -- Some experiences of pain. pt. 2. Factors influencing the pain experience. Nociception: sensory-discriminative aspects -- Emotional and motivational aspects of pain -- Cognitive and evaluative aspects of pain -- Social and cultural aspects of pain. Ot. 3. Interventions to help the person in pain. Pharmacological and physical interventions -- Psychological interventions. pt. 4. The management of pain. Assessment and monitoring of pain -- Administration of interventions -- Conclusion: the future--research and education.

Summary: An excellent introduction for nurses to all aspects of pain and its management. Topics examined are relevant to all areas of health care practice and include:*types of pain*the experience of pain, including psycho-social factors*interventions (pharmocological, physical and psychological)*alternative and complementary therapies. Caring for People in Pain clearly sets out the research base for practice and provides a thorough and accessible text for students of this core topic on all entry level and many post-registration nursing courses.