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Professionalism, boundaries and the workplace

by Nigel Malin
Year: 2000
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: Social workers Great Britain, Social workers Professional ethics Great Britain, Social service Great Britain, Human services personnel Professional ethics Great Britain, Medical personnel Professional ethics Great Britain, Counselors Professional ethics Great Britain, Counseling Great Britain, Ethics, Professional, Interprofessional Relations, Professional-Patient Relations, Social Work, Counseling, Travailleurs sociaux Grande-Bretagne, Travailleurs sociaux Déontologie Grande-Bretagne, Service social Grande-Bretagne, Services sociaux Personnel Déontologie Grande-Bretagne, Éthique médicale Grande-Bretagne, Conseillers Déontologie Grande-Bretagne, Counseling Grande-Bretagne, SOCIAL SCIENCE Social Work, Counselors Professional ethics, Human services personnel Professional ethics, Medical personnel Professional ethics, Social service, Social workers, Social workers Professional ethics, Sociaal bedrijfsbeleid, Maatschappelijk werkers, Organisaties, Sozialberuf, Berufsethik, Aufsatzsammlung, United Kingdom, Great Britain, Großbritannien
Language: English
ISBN: 9781134651559, 1134651597, 0415192633, 0203171268, 9786610517626, 9780415192620, 9780203011768, 1134651554, 9780415192637, 9781134651597, 1134651600, 9780203171264, 0203011767, 9781134651603, 6610517622, 0415192625
OCLC: 48139918
Contents: Introduction / Nigel Malin -- pt. I. Professionalism, boundaries and the health/social care context. 1. Professionalism and boundaries of the formal sector: the example of social and community care / Nigel Malin. 2. Professionalism in everyday practice: issues of trust, experience and boundaries / Katie Deverell and Ursula Sharma. 3. Professionalism and user self-advocacy / Steve McNally -- pt. II. Professionalism and enterprise culture. 4. Boundary work and the (un)making of the professions / Valerie Fournier. 5. Personal business advice, professionalism and the limits to 'customer satisfaction' / Matthew Gorton. 6. Colleagues or clients? The relationship between clergy and church members / Helen Cameron.

Summary: A collection of 15 chapters by university contributors.