Book Information

Permissible dose : a history of radiation protection in the twentieth century

by J Samuel Walker
Year: 2000
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: Europäische Kommission Generaldirektion Wissenschaft, Forschung und Entwicklung Research and Development Radiation Protection Programme, Radiation Safety measures History, Nuclear energy Law and legislation United States History, Radiation Protection history, Nuclear Energy legislation & jurisprudence, Radiation Dosage, HEALTH & FITNESS Safety, NATURE Environmental Conservation & Protection, Nuclear energy Law and legislation, Radiation Safety measures, Radiobiologie, Radioactiviteit, Veiligheid, Energia nuclear (história), Radiação (energia radiante), Rayonnements Mesures de sécurité Histoire, Énergie nucléaire Droit Législation États-Unis Histoire, Strahlenschutz, United States, History
Language: English
ISBN: 159734804X, 0520223284, 0520924843, 9786612356292, 1282356291, 9781282356290, 9781597348041, 9780585389592, 0585389594, 6612356294, 9780520924840
OCLC: 49570023
Contents: The discovery of radiation and its hazards -- The debate over nuclear power and radiation -- The role of federal agencies in radiation protection -- New controversies, new standards -- The ambiguities of radiation effects.

Summary: How much radiation is too much? This text examines the evolution, over 100 years, of radiation protection standards and efforts to ensure radiation safety for nuclear workers and the general public.