Book Information

The puzzle instinct : the meaning of puzzles in human life

by Marcel Danesi
Year: 2002
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Keywords: Puzzles Psychological aspects, Puzzles Social aspects, Games Psychological aspects, Games Social aspects, GAMES Logic & Brain Teasers, GAMES Quizzes, GAMES Puzzles, Puzzels, Recreatieve wiskunde, Psychologische aspecten, Sociale aspecten
Language: English
ISBN: 0253340942, 0253109191, 9780253109194, 9780253340948
OCLC: 50553024
Contents: Why puzzles? -- Puzzling language: riddles, anagrams, and other verbal perplexities -- Puzzling pictures: optical illusions, mazes, and other visual mind-bogglers -- Puzzling logic: deductions, paradoxes, and other forms of mind play -- Puzzling numbers: magic squares, cryptarithms, and other mathematical recreations -- Puzzling games: chess, checkers, and other games -- The puzzle of life.

Summary: Annotation "Humans are the only animals who create and solve puzzles -- for the sheer pleasure of it -- and there is no obvious genetic reason why we would do this. Marcel Danesi explores the psychology of puzzles and puzzling, with scores of classic examples. His pioneering book is both entertaining and enlightening."--Will Shortz, Crossword Editor, The New York Times ..". Puzzle fanatics will enjoy the many riddles, illusions, cryptograms and other mind-benders offered for analysis."--Psychology Today ..". a bristlingly clear ... always intriguing survey of the history and rationale of puzzles ... [A] splendid study ..."--Knight Ridder Newspapers.