Book Information

Operative groups : the Latin-American approach to group analysis

by Juan Tubert-Oklander, Reyna Hernández de Tubert
Year: 2004
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Keywords: Group psychoanalysis Latin America, Social groups Psychological aspects, Group psychoanalysis, Social psychology, Psychotherapy, Group, Psychology, Social, PSYCHOLOGY Psychotherapy Group, Social, Group Or Collective Psychology, Latin America
Language: English
ISBN: 1846424275, 9781846424274, 1843100940, 1417501294, 9781417501298
OCLC: 54767732
Contents: Operative Groups: The Latin-American Approach to Group Analysis; Contents; Foreword; Preface and Acknowledgements; 1 A Historical Perspective; 2 Fundamental Concepts of Operative Groups: Enrique Pichon-Rivière; 3 Fundamental Concepts of Operative Groups: The Authors' Point of View; 4 The Learning Operative Group; 5 Training of Psychotherapists, Psychoanalysts and Group Analysts; 6 The Approach to Institutions and Society; 7 A Re-evaluation of Operative Groups and Group Analysis; Notes; References; Subject Index; Author Index.

Summary: Group therapy and other dynamic approaches to the co-ordination of groups may focus either on the individual psychodynamics or on the group-as-a-whole. In Britain, group analysis developed as a group-centred approach of both therapeutic and non-therapeutic groups, from the foundational work of S.H. Foulkes. But there has been another, independent, Latin-American school of group analysis, which originated in Argentina as a result of the work and teachings of the Swiss born Argentine psychoanalyst Enrique Pichon-Rivi+¿re. This volume is a thorough introduction to operative groups. It starts by g.