Book Information

The genomics age : how DNA technology is transforming the way we live and who we are

by Gina Smith
Year: 2005
Publisher: AMACOM--American Management Association
Keywords: Human Genome Project, Genetics Popular works, Genomics Popular works, Genetics Social aspects, Genomics Social aspects, SCIENCE Environmental Science (see also Chemistry Environmental), NATURE Ecosystems & Habitats Wilderness, NATURE Ecology, SCIENCE Life Sciences Ecology, Genomics, Genetics, Genetics trends, Genomics trends, Popular works, Popular Work, Andre fag (naturvidenskab og teknik) Andre fag
Language: English
ISBN: 9780814428382, 0814408435, 9780814408438, 081442838X
OCLC: 57032498
Contents: Preliminaries; CONTENTS; Before We Begin; 1 It's Who You Are; 2 How We Got Here; 3 Your Genome An Owner's Manual; 4 The DNA Files; 5 Facing Destiny; 6 The Fountain of Aging Well; 7 Closing in on Cancer; 8 Cloning and Stem Cells; 9 Gene Therapy; 10 DNA and Society; Glossary.

Summary: Science is on the verge of unlocking the mysteries of life. Will the knowledge mean the beginning of a new era, or the end of life as we know it?