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Natural gas and Israel's energy future : near-term decisions from a strategic perspective

by Steven W Popper, Rand Environment, Energy, and Economic Development (Program)
Year: 2009
Publisher: RAND
Keywords: Gas industry Israel, Natural gas reserves Israel Forecasting, Energy policy Israel, Strategic materials Israel, TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING Petroleum, SCIENCE Energy, Energy policy, Gas industry, Natural gas reserves Forecasting, Strategic materials, Business & Economics, Industries, Israel
Language: English
ISBN: 0833049429, 9780833048868, 9780833049421
OCLC: 593295890
Contents: Introduction -- The supply of natural gas and other options for generating electricity -- How large a role should natural gas play in Israel's energy mix? -- What natural-gas supply-infrastructure strategy is robust? -- Implications from the analyses.

Summary: This document assesses the opportunities and risks that the government of Israel faces in shifting to an energy mix increasingly dominated by domestic and imported natural gas. The analysis seeks to help the Israeli government choose robust strategies for exploiting the use of natural gas by minimizing the potential consequences of relying more heavily on natural gas. It does this by applying newly developed methods for strategic planning and decisionmaking under deep uncertainty for these assessments. The analysis also considers broader issues related to energy in Israel.