UL 60730-2-12 (ND) : English -- National Differences For UL 60730-2-12 Automatic Electrical Controls ? Part 2-12: Particular Requirements for Electrically Operated Door Locks - Third Edition

Organization: UL - UL

Year: 2017

Language: English


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Scope: Preface This document provides a single listing of the technical National Differences included in the UL adoption of the corresponding IEC standard. In its IEC-based standards, UL uses the notations indicated below to identify national difference type, and these types are additionally noted in this document. The standard may not use all types of these deviations. D1 - These are deviations which are based on basic safety principles and requirements, elimination of which would compromise safety for U.S. consumers and users of products. D2 - These are deviations based on safety practices. These are deviations for IEC requirements that may be acceptable, but adopting the IEC requirements would require considerable retesting or redesign on the manufacturer’s part. DC - These are deviations based on the component standards and will not be deleted until a particular component standard is harmonized with the IEC component standard. DE - These are deviations based on editorial comments or corrections. DR - These are deviations based on the national regulatory requirements. Each national difference contains a description of what the national difference entails. Typically one of the following words is used to explain how the text of the national difference is to be applied to the base IEC text: Addition / Add - An addition entails adding a complete new numbered clause, subclause, table, figure, or annex. Addition is not meant to include adding select words to the base IEC text. Deletion / Delete - A deletion entails complete deletion of an entire numbered clause, subclause, table, figure, or annex without any replacement text. Modification / Modify - A modification is an altering of the existing base IEC text such as the addition, replacement or deletion of certain words or the replacement of an entire clause, subclause, table, figure, or annex of the base IEC text.